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Bentley GT First Edition

The new Continental GT First Edition is the most exquisitely appointed expression of the new car. Created to celebrate the launch of this ground-breaking grand tourer, it represents a stunning showcase of Bentley craftsmanship and design.

The specification of the interior has been curated by the designers themselves and brings together the very best features available on the new Continental GT. This includes the Bentley Rotating Display, which enables the driver to switch between three different fascia panels: the default 12.3” high resolution touchscreen, a more classically styled alternative instrument panel, with three handcrafted analogue dials, and a clean, veneer-only face, for an uninterrupted flow of wood, right across the dashboard.



W12 6L



Les tarifs indiqués sont basse saison. Nous consulter pour les tarifs haute saison.

1 jour / 200km
À partir de 1650 €
3 jours / 600km
À partir de 4460 €
7 jours / 1400km
À partir de 8670 €
Franchise :
42000 €
Rachat partiel de franchise / jour :
160 €
Franchise réduite :
15000 €
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Agence Côte d'Azur et Monaco
04 92 18 69 69
Agence Paris
01 41 19 29 62

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